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Gumtree: I need a loan I need a loan
Hi, I run a small tuition place and seek kind-hearted individuals to provide me with a loan of $10K. I am willing to discuss a repayment plan which will benefit the both of us mutually. However, I ...
  < 13 hours ago
  • North (D25-28)
Quick Loan Offer/Investissment
Want to buy a car? You have a project? You need investors? Build your house? Grow your business? You need a legitimate loan? You have bad credit? You are in any country of the world? I can help you ...
  • Orchard / Holland (D09-10)
Wanted: Personal Loan
Hi , I Need a Personal Loan Urgently to pay up bills & some personal Matters. The Amount is only $300 , Will be able to pay Monthly @ $50. Any kind soul who can help me , please contact me as I need ...
  • City & South West (D01-08)
Wanted: URGENT: Loan needed
Dear all, I'm in need of an urgent loan of amount $1800 ASAP. I'm indepently looking after myself with no one else to turn to. Hence, any kind soul with some spare cash willing to help me. I'm ...
  • West (D22-24)
Wanted: Financial Assistance Needed
Hi, I'm looking for a cash loan to clear some urgent debts and bills. I need minimum 10k to 20k loan urgently. I'm looking at a repayment period within 1 to 1.5yrs Monthly amount can afford ...
  • North (D25-28)
Wanted: URGENT: Require a personal loan of $1,500.00
Im urgently in need of a personal loan of $1,500 to settle some outstanding bills. I can repay via 3-4 monthly instalments. If you are in doubts, we can have sign agreement before the loan. Is there ...
  • North (D25-28)
Wanted: Urgently in need of loan or cash!
Hi, I'm looking for a loan of $7,000 - $10,000. I'm willing to repay it at $1000 per month.My monthly salary is $2,700. I need it urgently. I hope someone out there could help me genuinely Please ...
  • Changi / Pasir Ris (D17-18)
Wanted: urgent loan
Hi I'm in need of an urgent loan of 3k but I'm only earning 550 per month. But I'm willing to repay it in installments. If any kind soul could help me please. Do give me a text asap
  • Serangoon / Thomson (D19-20)
Wanted: Student in need of loan
Dear all, I'm a local 19 year old full time student working part time retail. I'm urgently in need to loan amount of $1250 to settle my school fees and charges. Since I'm still studying, I'm only ...
$1,250.00 03/04/2014
  • West (D22-24)
Wanted: 40k loan or invest in Digital marketing Business : URGENT
ALL LENDERS WELCOME EXCESS FOREIGN OR OVERSEAS LOAN ( ALL SCAMMERS WITH THEIR STUPID FEES AND INSURANCE ) I am a university student taking my finance degree and on the verge of starting a ...
  • City & South West (D01-08)
Wanted: Student in need of loan
Dear all, I'm currently a full time student working part time retail. I need an urgent loan of $1250 to pay for my upcoming school fees in the tertiary education. Any kind soul or Samaritans ...
  • West (D22-24)
Hello everyone am here to testify how i got my loan from Mr Ibrahim Azmi after i applied several times from various loan lenders who claimed to also testify right in this forum,i thought the ...
  • Singapore
Wanted: Looking for urgent cash loan of SG$500 to SG$1,000
Any kind souls willing to help with peer-to-peer urgent cash loan, please contact. I am looking for urgent cash loan (not licensed moneylenders, can be individuals) of SG$500 to SG$1,000 just to tide ...
  • West (D22-24)
Dear Sir/Madam, I am currently looking for a loan of 30,000 to 50,000 to expand my business.Due to my NOA I am facing difficulty to secure a loan in the bank.I have just filed by income tax i have ...
  • North (D25-28)
Wanted: i need a loan of SGD$2000
Hi i need a loan of SGD$2000, will pay $500 per month Each month will pay $100 of interest Contact email :
  • Singapore
Hi, I need a loan of $400 urgently. I am able to pay you back by end of April when I receive my salary. Please, I really need help.
  • Changi / Pasir Ris (D17-18)
I have a Indonesian Transfer maid
Hi, I am looking for a Malay Muslim family to take over my Indonesian maid as she is particular with religion and food. She is still under maid's loan and is immediately available if you need ...
  • North (D25-28)
Wanted: very urgent loan of $700..
I need a very urgent loan of $700. Anyone can help pls contact me @ (83310453)
  • Singapore
Wanted: need urgent loan of $700
I'm in need of a urgent loan of $700. Please contact me if u could help @( 83310453)Thanks
  • Singapore
Wanted: I need a $10,000 loan with low interest
I need a $10,000 loan with low interest rate will repay in installment
  • Singapore
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