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Gumtree: Looking for reliable sitter / Nanny at Jurong West Looking for reliable sitter / Nanny at Jurong West
Looking for reliable baby sitter for one year old boy staying in Jurong. Prefer baby sitter to take care just one child Chinese speaking preferred. Pls call 96866130
Nursery Jobs
:Full-Time :Not Applicable
  • West (D22-24)
Nanny/ babysitter
Looking for nanny/ babysitter to help me out with my infants (3 months). Monday to Friday, morning till evening. Location at Jurong West St 61. Im a stay at-home-mom. Not fussy. So just need an ...
Nursery Jobs
:Part-Time :Not Applicable
  • Singapore
Nanny available at jurong west
Hi, Mummies n daddies to be : looking for nanny for your new family member?I'm an experience nanny staying at jurong west. I will be available fro service from 2015. Charging rates are very ...
Nursery Jobs
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  • Singapore
Veterinary Nurse (Full-Time) / Receptionist / Administrative (Fu
Point Veterinary Surgery is looking for new members to join the team! Point Veterinary Surgery has two outlets in Singapore, Jurong West and Telok Blangah. We are a multi-vet practice who provides ...
Nursery Jobs
:Full-Time :Not Specified
  • West (D22-24)
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