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Nanny available @ Jurong West
I'm an experience nanny, Singaporean chinese lady, I am looking for baby to babysit or children before and after school care. Day or Night. I can look after your kids with love,care and ...
:Full-Time :Private :Diploma
  • West (D22-24)
Wanted: Babysitter available
Experienced Babysitter, mum of three. Able to cook meals for baby/toddler. Preferably located in the west (Boonlay, Jurong West). Salary negotiable.
:Part-Time :Private :O-Level
  • West (D22-24)
Wanted: Nanny @ Jurong West
I'm an experience nanny, singaporean chinese lady, I am looking for baby to babysit, I can look after your kids with love,care and clean. Located at Jurong West. if interested just email me.
  • Singapore
Wanted: Babysitter in Jurong West would love to babysit your child!
Hi all, I am looking forward to look after your child, mostly 2 years and above would be perfect. Am a 45 years old Chinese lady with experience (have worked in a childcare previously) I am ...
:Full-Time :O-Level
  • West (D22-24)
Nanny available at jurong west
Hi, looking for nanny?I'm an experience nanny staying at jurong west. I will be available fro service from MAY 2014 onwards. Charging rates are very resonable for day/night care. Feel free to ...
:Full-Time :Private :Not Specified
  • Singapore
Nanny available at Jurong west
Hi, Looking for nanny?Im an experience Nanny located at Jurong west. I'm available for service (day / night care) from MAY 2014 onwards. Rates are very reasonable ,feel free to SMS/call me ...
:Full-Time :Not Applicable
  • Singapore
Wanted Nanny/Babysitter in Jurong West to look after Pri 1 boy
I m looking for a babysitter/nanny in staying near Pioneer MRT station to look after my boy who is in Primary one now. Will need to fetch him from school and cook lunch for him. I will fetch him home ...
:Part-Time :Not Applicable
  • West (D22-24)
My mother is an experienced babysitter for over 20 years. She will cook for the child. Fluent in Mandarin. We stay at Jurong West St 64. For more information, please contact Mdm Tan at 83026325.
:Full-Time :Private :Not Applicable
  • West (D22-24)
Wanted: Babysitter at Jurong West Ave 1
Hi, i am an experienced babysitter with more than 10 years of experience. I have taken care of babies and kids before. My house is a non-smoking and non-pets environment. I stay near Lakeside Mrt. ...
:Full-Time :Private :Not Applicable
  • Singapore
Gumtree: Experience Nanny/Babysitter @ Jurong West St 64 Experience Nanny/Babysitter @ Jurong West St 64
I'm a 42 yrs old full time Chinese housewife, simple family stay in five room flat with husband and three daughters, ages are as follow: 8, 19 & 21 yeas old (Pri 2, Poly, NUS student). Non Smoking ...
:Part-Time :Not Applicable
  • West (D22-24)
Wanted: babysitter @ jurong west 669B
Hi mummies , Wanna set your mind at ease when working ? I'm a Chinese lady with over 30yrs experience ... I can take care from infant to toddler ... Call mdm Leong for more details ...
  • Singapore
Gumtree: Babysitter @ jurong west near pionner mrt Wanted: Babysitter @ jurong west near pionner mrt
Hello are you looking for babysitter at Jurong west . Near pionner mrt My name Liza age 44. I have 12 year experience .I have 3 kids son 21 NS , 2 daughters 20 and 7 years old.12 years ago, I had ...
:Full-Time :Private :N-Level
  • West (D22-24)
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