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Starhub Cable & Internet Connection for Transfer
Starhub cable with internet connection (2 GBPS) available for transfer. The transfer cost will be borne by me. Available for transfer immediately.
please contact < 10 hours ago
  • Singapore
Starhub Maxonline broadbannd connection to transfer
Hi All, I have StarHub Maxonline internet broadband Connection (25mbps) Unlimited Download Plan to transfer immediately. Contract has left only for 1 year. Total monthly charge is 39 SGD per month ...
$38.00 23/04/2014
  • Singapore
100 Mbps MaxUnlimited Broadband 12 Month contract for Transfer
Hi, I am going back to my country and I have Broadband and TV contract, which I would like to transfer. See below details for more info StarHub Broadband • Package : MaxOnline Unlimited ...
$44.00 22/04/2014
  • West (D22-24)
Cable Broadband 100Mbps
I want to transfer my 100 Mbps Cable home broadband (StarHub’s MaxOnline Ultimate) contract with the remaining duration of 1 year (valid till May 2015). The details are as follows: - Download ...
$68.27 22/04/2014
  • Singapore
Starhub Maxonline 25mbps broadband connection for transfer
Hi, I have StarHub Maxonline internet broadband Connection (25mbps) Unlimited Download Plan to transfer immediately. Contract has left only for 11 months. Total monthly charge 38.94 SGD per month. ...
$38.94 21/04/2014
  • Singapore
Starhub - Postpaid Mobile Connection(SIM) - Transfer
Starhub - Postpaid Sim - Transfer with 8 month remaining contract. Plan : SmartSurf Premium - (700 minutes Local and IDD free[with 018], 1000 Local SMS free. 6GB data usage & Free unlimited ...
$100.00 21/04/2014
  • Changi / Pasir Ris (D17-18)
StarHub Cable Broadband with Handset
Hi, I would like to transfer my StarHub broadband connection (100 Mbps). Contract Details are - 100 Mbps line - SGD 39.90 per month Phone connection - SGD 1.99 per month (Unlimited Incoming and ...
  • Changi / Pasir Ris (D17-18)
starhub cable TV (HD) and 100mbps internet connection transfer
Starhub HD hubstation with recording facility, 3 hindi channels( zee+ zee news, star plus, sony), 100mbps internet broadband with wireless router- contract to be transferred. Remaining 17 months of ...
free 20/04/2014
  • East Coast (D15-16)
Broadband 6 GB Data Bundle at S$19.90 a Month star hub
hello i want to transfer my starhub broadband cos hardly got use it...home got wifi...1 year remain contract..19.9 $ only for 6gb data bundle...u will pay the transfer fee.keen person do email or ...
please contact 20/04/2014
  • Singapore
Starhub Cable tv connection available for URGENT transfer
I am looking to transfer Starhub Cable TV connection effective end April. The connection is under contract until 2nd Feb 2015. I will bear the transfer charges and also give $100 cash upon successful ...
please contact 19/04/2014
  • Balestier / Geylang (D12-14)
Golden Number for Transfer (8AA6 9988)
StarHub Prepaid Golden Number 8AA6 9988 for transfer. (AA same digit) Not activated as yet. (Expiry Jan 2016). Once deal confirmed, I need to activate the prepaid before the transfer can be done @ ...
please contact 16/04/2014
  • Changi / Pasir Ris (D17-18)
Transfer Starhub 100M cable network, Pay you SGD $100 cash
Need to leave SG, have to transfer this newly signed line. $39.9/mo, ending Feb 2016. No charge till Jun. I will cover rename cost and pay you $100 cash. Please contact 81863309
free 15/04/2014
  • Singapore
Transfer a new Starhub TV contract, pay you SGD $100 cash
A starhub TV 2 year contract, starting 2014 March, 39$/month. Now due to relocation, I need to transfer this service. Willing to cover transfer charge, and pay you 100 SGD cash. To contact please ...
free 15/04/2014
  • Serangoon / Thomson (D19-20)
Starhub TV+BroadBand Connection for Transfer
StarHub TV Connection and Starhub MaxOnline Premium available from 7th May, 2014 No installation and activation fee. Two Set top box (Rental 6sgd per box) Wi-Fi Router Contract will expire in ...
please contact 15/04/2014
  • Singapore
transfer ownership
Hi i would like to Transfer ownership of my starhub "smart surf lite" Its end date is 21st Nov 2014. $38 monthly 100 minutes outgoing free SMS/MMS 800 per month 2GB local data per month.
please contact 14/04/2014
  • East Coast (D15-16)
Hi, I have a Starhub Broadband MaxOnline 10 Mbps Unlimited Download Plan,Monthly charge of 29.90 Including GST. Willing to transfer the account as I would be leaving back. The contract ends in April ...
free 14/04/2014
  • East Coast (D15-16)
Transfer StarHub Internet Connection 1 Yr Contract
I want to transfer StarHub internet connection validity remaining : 1 yr Contact immediately @92301546 - Amit
please contact 13/04/2014
  • Singapore
Due to departure from Singapore, to transfer contract for TV and Broadband (internet). Total monthly bill = 79.- SGD including GST for both TV + Broadband TV = 51.7206 SGD per month before ...
  • Serangoon / Thomson (D19-20)
Gumtree: Starhub 100mbps Fibre broadband Contract transfer Starhub 100mbps Fibre broadband Contract transfer
Looking to transfer my starhub line as im moving out. Its Fibre broadband so your house should have fibre point. I will transfer the contract under your name. The contract ends @ June 2015. The ...
$39.90 11/04/2014
  • Balestier / Geylang (D12-14)
100 mbps Broadband + HD TV Connection available for transfer
Hi All, I have Start hub 100 mbps Broadband and HD TV connection, and looking for interested transferee. Transfer changes will be borne by me. Below are the details of connections StarHub ...
please contact 11/04/2014
  • Newton / Bt. Timah (D11, 21)
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