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Nursery Jobs

Working with children can be highly rewarding, and browsing your local classifieds is one way to find nursery jobs in Singapore. Whether you are new to the sector or have years of experience, there are many different nursery jobs available to consider.

Nursery Teacher

Nurseries, also known as pre-schools or reception classes, are usually aimed at three to five-year-olds and have the preparation of children for full-time education as their main goal. Nursery teachers (often working part-time) are responsible for planning and leading educational activities with the primary aim of developing children socially.

Security is a chief concern at many nurseries, and applicants should be able to provide a safe environment for children both physically and emotionally. Important attributes for prospective candidates include enthusiasm, creativity, responsiveness to individual children's needs and an awareness of government guidelines on pre-school curriculum and practices. Often, professional development takes place on the job via various training schemes, but prior experience with children is desirable.


The term 'nanny' is often used interchangeably to refer to a broad range of different duties, and might be as easily applied to a live-in au pair as it is to a self-employed, after-school childminder. More correctly, however, a nanny is employed by a single family on a full-time, live-out basis to care for children.

Nannies are traditionally female, and their role is very much as a surrogate for a mother with other commitments, such as a demanding and time-consuming career. Nanny duties include supervising, bathing and dressing the children, planning and preparing meals, performing general housework related to childcare, educating and disciplining the children and providing them with emotional support.

Typically, experience is more important than qualifications for a nanny role, but a driving licence, first aid training and child care training are all desirable. Because employers will be looking for somebody they can trust with their most valuable assets - their children - references demonstrating a proven track record of satisfied clients are often vital.

Whether you are looking for a formal educational role supervising and teaching a large nursery of children at once or a more intimate long-term commitment to a single family, local classifieds are a good way to find nursery jobs in Singapore. Be sure to present yourself well to employers, and be aware that they will be looking for reliability and trustworthiness above most other qualities.

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Do You Need A Babysitter? If your answer is YES, please contact me. My name is Maureen, I’m a local Chinese, I have many years experience in babysitting infants and new born. I love kids and ...
Nursery Jobs
:Full-Time :N-Level
  • Singapore
Experience Nanny located at Jurong West Street 64
Hi. I am an experienced nanny looking for a nanny job. Do contact me @ 90124511 if you are interested.
Nursery Jobs
:Full-Time :O-Level
  • Serangoon / Thomson (D19-20)
Baby sitter/ nanny- Jurong West
Baby sitter/ nanny wanted at Jurong West near Boon Lay MRT Station. Interested please contact 9743 1273
Nursery Jobs
:Part-Time :Not Applicable
  • West (D22-24)
Looking for Day time Baby Sitter_Jurong
I am looking for a Day time Baby Sitter in Jurong or West side. Ps PM Joanna : 96823675.
Nursery Jobs
:Full-Time :Not Specified
  • West (D22-24)
Experienced Chinese Baby Sitter @ Jurong West
Hi all, my mom is looking for baby sitting job. She have 15 years of experience and very friendly. We stay in Jurong West St42, for more info, please text me @ 98282324
Nursery Jobs
:Full-Time :Not Specified
  • West (D22-24)
Gumtree: Experienced Chinese Nanny Jurong West St.64 Experienced Chinese Nanny Jurong West St.64
有经验保姆住裕廊西64街有意者请与Helen联络90124511 Experienced Chinese Nanny of 3 children(22, 21 and 9 years old) staying at jurong west street 64. Interested party please contact Helen at 90124511.
Nursery Jobs
:Full-Time :Not Specified
  • West (D22-24)
Experienced babysitter
有经验保姆住裕廊西64街有意者请与Helen联络90124511 Experienced chinese baby sitter of 3 children(22, 21 and 9 years old) staying at jurong west street 64. Interested party please contact Helen at 90124511.
Nursery Jobs
:Full-Time :Not Applicable
  • West (D22-24)
Home based
Experienced home based baby sitter living in jurong west street 64 , interested please contact Helen @ 90124511. No agent thank you. 有经验保姆住裕廊西街64,有意者与Helen联络90124511
Nursery Jobs
:Casual :Not Applicable
  • West (D22-24)
Nanny available at jurong west
Hi, Mummies n daddies to be : looking for nanny for your new family member?I'm an experience nanny staying at jurong west. I will be available fro service from 2015. Charging rates are very ...
Nursery Jobs
:Full-Time :Not Specified
  • Singapore
Gumtree: Looking for reliable sitter / Nanny at Jurong West Looking for reliable sitter / Nanny at Jurong West
Looking for reliable baby sitter for one year old boy staying in Jurong. Prefer baby sitter to take care just one child Chinese speaking preferred. Pls call 96866130
Nursery Jobs
:Full-Time :Not Applicable
  • West (D22-24)
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