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There are a plethora of available jobs in the Singapore area. There are many different companies that have locations throughout the Singapore area, and many of them are hiring for many different positions within their companies. Some of the jobs are part time and some of the jobs are full time. Many of the part-time jobs do not offer the benefit packages that come with full time employment.

Part Time Jobs

Part Time employment is always available to find in virtually any location throughout the world, and Singapore is no different. Part time positions can be found with major companies, and companies that are just starting out. Some of these positions include benefits, but many of them do not. Benefits are something that can be discussed when you interview for the position. Some part time positions that are currently available include, cashier positions, data entry and survey positions, delivery drivers, waiter and waitress and event or expo helpers. These types of jobs offer little to no benefit packages to their employees.

Full Time Jobs

Full time jobs are abundant in Singapore. Many of these full time jobs require at least a high school diploma, and many of them require a college degree or trade degree. Full time jobs are usually offered with a benefit package that includes some type of health insurance, disability insurance and paid vacation days. Some full time jobs that are currently available to pursue include positions in engineering, accounting and auditor, banking, finance, hospitality and tourism. There are also many full time positions available for tutors that work from home for major companies.

Jobs in Singapore are abundant. Positions for part time and full time employees are available for qualified individuals. Companies that are located in Singapore and the surrounding areas that are currently hiring include Charterhouse Pte Ltd, Mercuri Urval (Asia) Pte. Ltd. and Bugis. Many part time positions do not include a benefit package, but part time can also lead to full time status with many companies. Full time positions are also available at a variety of different companies, many of them offering a full benefit package to their new employees.

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looking for female models (cat a:13yo-16yo) (cat b:19yo-23yo)
Looking for female models -no cash involved no need to pay anything -we will pay you -13yo-16yo category A -19yo-23yo category B We are looking for indians or malays who are interested pls ...
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$150 cash incentive for survey about Relocation to Singapore
Marketing research company seeks foreigners working in Singapore for a 2 hour focus group discussion survey about relocation and working in Singapore. $150 cash will be given after the 2 hour ...
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Gumtree: Urgent Need Urgent Need
Dear Job Seekers, We are a chain of Restaurants, Bars, Pubs and Fine Dine. On the ocassion of New Year we have been opening a new restaurants at some hot locations of Singapore especially Orchard ...
Hospitality & Tourism Jobs
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  • Serangoon / Thomson (D19-20)
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