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Mobile Phones

It used to be that consumers could only buy new or used mobile phones through a mobile phone service provider. These purchases often had stipulations attached such as lengthy contracts, termination fees, and exclusivity with that provider. Now mobile phones, including smartphones, are widely available for sale in Singapore online or in stores.


With Apple introducing a new version of the popular iPhone every few years, used iPhones are often sold online by customers who want to upgrade to the latest iPhone. This is a great way to catch a good deal on an iPhone if you're willing to settle for an older model. Fortunately, Apple's definition of "older" seems to be a product made within the last three years. For those new to iPhone, starting out with a less expensive model may be an ideal way to try it out without making a huge financial investment. Games and apps for the iPhone can be purchased exclusively through Apple's iTunes or App Store.

Android Phones

New and used Android phones can also be purchased online, often at a lower price than through retail stores. Android-based smartphones worth with apps and games purchased through Google Play and some third-party mobile app markets. Integration with Google products including Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Music is easy to set up on Android smartphones. The Samsung Galaxy, like the iPhone, is available in several models and many consumers will offer up their used Samsung Galaxy in order to make room in their budget for the new version. In addition to Samsung phones, other Android phones from companies such as LG and Lenovo can be found online.


Buying accessories for mobile phones is often recommended, whether they're for fashion or function. Protect an expensive smartphone by adding screen protectors and a durable case. Keep a car charger or an extra mobile phone battery on hand to ensure that the phone is always charged and ready to go. Express yourself with a colourful phone case that matches your personal style.

Mobile phones can be quite expensive, but buying a used phone or shopping for sales online can help cut the cost. Before buying, be sure to check which service providers are compatible with the phone. In addition to watching for any external or cosmetic damages, make sure the phone is functioning properly and that it is free and clear to be registered for new service.

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